Environmental Consultation

  • Development of long term Asbestos Control Programs
  • Residential and commercial building inspections
  • ACP-5 for renovation/construction project filings
  • Third-party air monitoring for asbestos abatement projects

Industrial Hygiene

  • Our services are investigative in nature with the solution of your problem our constant goal. 
  • Utilizing the most sophisticated equipment and techniques available, we conduct health and safety audits and we provide Right-To-Know guidance.
  • When necessary, we recommend respiratory or other protective measures. 

Indoor Air Quality

  • We have built an efficient methodology for identifying problems in the indoor environment. 
  • Our in-depth investigations will isolate the presence that allows us to quantify and prepare a plan for corrective action. 
  • Our sophisticated equipment enables us to test for a wide range of airborne pollutants.
  • Our indoor air quality investigations are designed for rapid responses, cost effective methods, and efficient.

Lead Inspections and Abatement Monitoring

  • Empire Environmental provides HUD, DHS, and DOH-protocol lead inspection services. 
  • We utilize the latest X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) technology for residential, industrial, commercial, municipal, and school properties.
  • We design effective action plans accordance with OSHA compliance.
  • When necessary, we will assist in writing specifications for the actual abatement and act as on-site supervisors to ensure regulatory compliance. 

Mold Contamination Identification and Remediation


  • We deliver expert assistance in providing a safe and healthy building, while avoiding costly litigation, disruption in operational productivity, and negative publicity.
  • Our mold management services include structural inspection and evaluation for water intrusion.
  • We develope proactive water intrusion/mold prevention plans.
  • Our services include cleanup specification and action plans, as well as on-site support and oversight.

Phase Contrast Microscopy Lab Testing

  • The PCM technique has the advantage of fast turnaround time and low cost.  
  • It also gives an overall reading of the amount of fibers present in the sample.
  • PCM enhances the contrast of transparent materials, while also filtering out background light.  
  • This allows us to determines if the total fiber concentration is less than the EPA clearance level. 
  • We also utililize this to perform OSHA air sample analysis for abatement contracting companies in the tri-state area.