We offer:

Environmental Consultation

Empire Environmental, Ltd. has achieved excellence in providing environmental consultation services to hospitals, educational institutes, banks, construction management firms, insurance companies, home owners, property management companies, and federal, state and local authorities. Empire Environmental, Ltd. is dedicated to undertake complex design and management of asbestos abatement projects. Our specialty includes:

  • Development of long term Asbestos Control Programs
  • Residential and commercial building inspections
  • ACP-5 for renovation/construction project filings
  • Design and management of asbestos abatement projects
  • Third-party air monitoring for asbestos abatement projects
Industrial Hygiene

Empire Environmental provides comprehensive professional industrial hygiene, safety, and health services. Our services are investigative in nature with the solution of your problem our constant goal. Utilizing the most sophisticated equipment and techniques available, we conduct health and safety audits, provide Right-To-Know guidance, and when necessary, recommend respiratory or other protective measures.

Indoor Air Quality

The importance of indoor air quality as it relates to the well-being of building occupants cannot be overstated. Offices, homes, schools, factories, stores and other public meeting places are all possible victims of “sick building syndrome”. Empire Environmental’s reputation in the indoor air quality field has been built on efficient methodology for identifying and correcting problems in the indoor environment. Our in-depth investigations will isolate the presence and levels of contaminants, we then identify, quantify and prepare a plan for corrective action. Our sophisticated equipment enables us to test for a wide range of airborne pollutants. Under the supervision of a Certified Industrial Hygienist, our indoor air quality investigations are designed for rapid responses utilizing proven cost effective methods and are conducted in an unobtrusive non-disruptive fashion.
Lead Based Paint Inspections and Abatement Monitoring

Lead poisoning has become a major concern to families living in homes constructed prior to 1980. Empire Environmental, Ltd. provides HUD, DHS, and DOH-protocol lead inspection services. We utilize the latest X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) technology for residential, industrial, commercial, municipal, and school properties. Empire Environmental, Ltd. can design an effective action plan for OSHA compliance.

Our qualified inspectors know and understand all the relevant federal, state, and local testing regulations. If necessary, we will assist in writing specifications for the actual abatement and act as on-site supervisors to ensure regulatory compliance.

Microbial (Mold) Contamination Remediation

Microbial contamination commonly caused by water damage, especially in the wake of a natural disaster, can be observed in an indoor environment. Visible mold could be found in a building structure in the form of black, blue, or green spots on building surfaces. Empire Environmental, Ltd. can deliver the expert assistance you need to provide a safe and healthy building, thus avoiding costly litigation, disruption in operational productivity, and negative publicity.

Our mold management services include:

  • Structural inspection and evaluation for water intrusion
  • Proactive water intrusion/mold prevention plans
  • Mold and bacteria sampling and verification
  • Cleanup specification and action plans
  • On-site support and oversight


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